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Aireview Equestrian Centre - Results


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Kirklevington Equestrian Centre

Thu 21st Feb 2013

Sophie - Leigh Clements & Miss H Clements Senetview Angelica 1st Open FR & Mini Champion

Alex Ahern & Mrs R Timpson's Brindlebrook Under Suspision 1st Open & 1st Restricted SRT

*Qualified Winter Champs*

Kirsty Pickles & Ms L Johnson & PJ Ahern's Ranalstown Happy Jack 1st CHAPS Resriced 

*Qualified Winter Champs*

Barton Equestrian Centre

Sun 17th Feb 2013

 Charlotte Gray &  Mrs E Gray's Brindlebrook Little Scoundral 1st Novice SHP & 1st Open / Restricted SHP

*Qualified Winter Champs*

Tabitha Wood & Mrs S Wood's Fofsway Ganymede 1st Novice FR & 1st Open FR

Ella Stuttard & Mrs R Stuttards Chagford Starry Night 1st Novice SP & 4th Open resticted SP

*First time in ring & qualified Winter Champs*

Nicola Gibson & her own Mr Tyler Be Quick 1st Native Restricted CHAPS

Rowen Stanier & Mrs N Stanier's The Real Chinook 2nd Native Resricted CHAPS

*Qualified Winter Champs*

Alex Ahern & Mrs R Timpson's Brindlebrook Under Suspision 2nd Novice SRT

*First time in the ring & qualified Winter Champs*

Rowen Stanier & Mrs N stanier's Balkly Mardi Gras 3rd Open / Restriced SP