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Thu 10th Jun 2010

We had an easy day today with Hetty riding Kingsford sweet Story in the Premire League 138cm Show Pony Class, they were placed 2nd which qualified them for the Champs. And Kirsty and Unlimited were also 2nd in the RIHS INT SHP, with a slightly exuberant gallop so another very good days showing.


Thu 3rd Jun 2010

As we left the yard on Thursday morning we vowed that this was our last winter champs where we would stay over and that we were mad to stay in the horrendous weather...As the week went on and the good results came pouring in our minds would soon be changed! Fist in the ring was Hetty Nielson and her new pony Kingsford sweet Story in the 138cm HOYS Show pony class (who she has only had three weeks) Hetty and Mary were drawn top after a lovely go round, they went on to do a foot perfect show and a lovely strip. This secured their first place and they took the first HOYS ticket of the season! Everyone who we rang thought it was an April fool’s joke but when the champagne came out we soon convinced them otherwise! Well done Het's!!!


Fri 2nd Apr 2010

As we looked at out timetable for Friday we wondered how we would make it through the day with classes every hour, but we managed to make it with each combination making it into the ring with some excellent results. First in were Kirsty, Alex & will's new Sec A Lead Rein Lacey Mandy ridden by Sophie-Leigh Clements, in the restricted they didn’t go through to the top 10 as there was a huge gust of wind as Mandy did her show which she shook her head at! Only a novice mistake though which could be easily rectified as her next class was indoors!! Next in the ring was Heather Deagen and her Connemara, Ballyard Silver Prince, a few nerves prevented them making it into the top ten but Heather came out knowing what she needed to do in her novice class. Next in the ring was Joel Isherwood our new member of staff on his section D stallion Abergeveny twsyog they went lovely in the restricted and went through in the top 10 to the evening performance. After a short break it was Kirsty and Sophie’s second attempt with Mandy at getting through to the evening which Sophie was desperate to do, this time Mandy went foot perfect in a huge novice class and much to Sophie’s delight was called forward for the evening. As the M&M Lead Rein class was so big it ran over time meaning Alex had to ride Kirsty’s new INT Show Hunter Unlimited in his RIHS class and came a fantastic 2nd which we were over the moon with! Shortly after Kirsty and Hetty dashed to the ring with Mary to compete in the 138cm RIHS Show pony Class which beyond all our wildest dreams they won meaning they had done the double! HOYS & RIHS ticket in two days so the pressure is off for that combination and they can enjoy the rest off their season! Shortly after both Heather & Joel went through to the evening in their novice M&M classes. Next in the ring was Leah and Moira Finlayson’s small show riding type Lemington Dance Night today with Alex on board as Diva and Moira are both new to the BSPS so we thought it best for Alex to pilot her in the RIHS qualifier, Diva just missed out on the top 10 getting beaten by some more established ponies but we were extremely happy with her dealing with difficult weather conditions and cantering her first serpentine in the ring! After a quick celebration for Hetty & Mary it was time for Sophie, Kirsty & Mandy to go into the evening performance where they were 6th which we were delighted with as Mandy hasn’t been broken long. Next in was Heather & Prince who were also 6th, followed by Joel & Harry who were 9th in the novice and 7th in the restricted. Another good day!


Sat 3rd Apr 2010

The timetable for Saturday was much more laid back so we had a much more relaxed day beginning with new team member Stanley Grange Elusive Elaine and Claudia Pye’s 148cm Show pony in the novice class, he was a creditable 6th, after a few novice mistakes but week on week the partnership are improving, so all concerned were happy with that result, next Claudia and Lewi were back in the restricted and again were 6th and again improved so with time and maturity we are hoping for an exciting future for this combination! Next in was another novice Abergevenny Tywysog this time with Alex on board in the RIHS Large Breed Class, which they weren’t placed in but with maturity and a gallop as fast as they did we are sure it will only be a matter of time until he is in the placings! All that was left to do now was bath the coloured’s for the Sunday and get fresh at the evening performance with our new clients the Pye family which always proves to be a fun evening!


By the final day of the show we defiantly felt like “The mud people” and living and working in mud to our knees had become quite normal! First in the ring were Kirsty and Unlimited in the HOYS INT Show Hunter a big class to be in on only their fourth outing and the pressure was on as Alex had got 2nd in the RIHS class, and was threatening to pinch the ride! Kirsty and Noddie exceeded everyone’s expectations when they won the class taking the 1st HOYS ticket of the season and then went on to take reserve champion…words cannot describe how happy we were! Next in was Kirsty again riding Sandra Robertson’s Designer Label and Alex riding Paddy & Jayne Ahern’s Chekko on both their first outings of the season in what can only be described as the biggest HOYS class of the show! Chekko behaved impeccably for his fourth ever show but wasn’t placed after a slightly novice show, Kirsty and Dessi came out with a very creditable 7th, as did Kirsty and Jasper Bailey in the next class. Claudia and Lewi moved up the line in the Open 148cm Sp class to be placed 5th. And thankfully Hetty and Mary saved their wrong leg for the open Class and not their previous qualifying ones and were 6th.