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Aireview Equestrian Centre - Results


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Ponies UK

Wed 11th Aug 2010

*Kirsty Ahern & Mr & Mrs Aherns  Blue Chip To Be Sure - 4th HOYS LGE SRT

*Moira Finlayson & Mrs V Finlaysons Royden Sweet William 6th 138cm - 153 cm Restricted Show Pony

*Sophie Leigh Clements & K Ahern & H Clements Little Brairs Miss Boo 6th HOYS SHP LR

NPS Championship Show

Wed 4th Aug 2010

*Henrietta Nielson & Mrs AJ Nielsons Kingsford Sweet Story 2nd HOYS 138cm Show Pony

* Claudia Pye & Mrs E Pye's Stanley Grange Illusive 2nd Nov 148cm Show Pony

* Moira Finlayson & Mrs Finlaysons Royden sweet William 3rd Nov 148cm Show Pony

Team Fun At The RIHS

Wed 28th Jul 2010

Thank you to all the team for all your hard work and fabulous company for the week - Can't wait for next year when all this years novices are keeping us busy!!

Royal International Horse Show

Tue 27th Jul 2010

*Alex Ahern & Chekko - Pulled 6th, went a little novicey as he was tired from the long journey, but did us proud and we can't wait for next year when he has a bit more stamina!

* Kirsty ahern & Designer Label -Pulled 7th went fabulous, but unplaced, slightly disappointed with the result but couldn't have asked Dessi to do anymore.

* Kirsty Ahern & Jasper Bailey pulled 7th finished 5th/29 - Again we were over the moon with our fabulous boy - And the only Traditional in the line up!

 * Henrietta Nielson & Kingsford Sweet Story - Fabulous sow untill Mary swapped legs at the end of her gallop -But well done Hetty for REALLY galloping!

* Kirsty Ahern & Blue Chip To Be Sure - Unplaced but pulled 12thy ( We didnt wait for the final marks) Very pleased with a good performance after only four previous shows this year!

BSPS Area 16

Sun 25th Jul 2010

On route to the RIHS we stopped off at Ipswitch to do the HOYS qualifier at Area 16, the judge were unintrested in what we had to show today so we packed and left for a near by yard and turned our attention to ROUNDERS & FAJITAS!!! whilst the horse had a well earned rest.